SW Greenland 1840-2020

In this page you will find a reconstructed temperature statistics for South West Greenland on montly, seasonal and yearly basis.

The reconstructed statistics has combined and merged 13 observation sites with data going back to 1784 (Nuuk) to 2020. Statistics before 1840 is scarce, and excluded in graphs showing long term trends.

The data is based on a research paper by Vinther et al 2006 (Journal of Geophysical Research), and the data has been extended to 2020 by DMI (2021).

The following map shows the geographical distribution of the observational sites used in this dataset:

Locations of observation sites used to reconstruct temperature data for South West Greenland Vinther et al 2006

See raw data hour by hour statistics for Nuuk, Greenland on Verstat.

Yearly Statistics

Seasonal average

Monthly average

Data from Denmark Met Office. Read more about the South West Greenland temperature dataset (Vinther et al. 2006).