Temperature statistics for Iceland (Stykkishólmur) 1798-2020

In this page you will find temperature statistics for Stykkishólmur in Iceland on montly, seasonal and yearly basis. In addition you will find monthly mean extreme temperature listings.

Please read:

  • If the graphs are small on mobile devices, try using PC. On PC it is also possible to show the graphs in full screen (click the arrow button on the lower right corner).
  • The graphs are interactive, this means individual data point values are showned when pointing mounse arrow at the graph. You can change monthy og seasonal viewing by clicking filter boxes.
  • Additional graph explanations are given at the end of the web page.

Monthly mean temperature statistics

Seasonal mean temperature statistics

Yearly mean temperature statistics

Montly mean temperature extremes

Montly mean temperatures per climate normal (30 year ranges)

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Explanation of graph elements

  • Red straight line: maximum average temperature.
  • Red moving line: 10 year rolling average.
  • Red dashed line: max 10 year rolling average temperature.
  • Black straight line: average temperature through the whole period.
  • Black dashed line: linear trend through the whole period.
  • Blue straight line: minimum average temperature.

Data from Iceland Met Office. Read more about the Stykkishólmur temperature dataset (Trausti Jónsson 2008).